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In Christ 
The heart of a tender warrior section  

In this section of my website, I want you to learn more about my life in Jesus Christ.

Having had a series of life changing experiences in my latter adult life, I want you to see how Christ has profoundly impacted my life. If your one who is easily offended when some one shares about their faith, this section of my website is not for you. However, If you are curious to see what God has done in another human being's life, then read on.

My journey in martial arts began at a young age, being the oldest of 7 siblings and having to face the challenges of being responsible for my younger brothers & sisters, I found it very difficult at a young age to defend my family and myself. I became a victim of abuse and prejudice by bullies in my community in South Central Los Angeles. Due to these challenges my interest in marital arts began at the ge of 11. By the early seventies I became influenced by a martial artist called Bruce Lee and I became intrigued with the art of self-defense. 

By 1974 I began learning Kung Fu from Si Fu Arturo and later trained in Tae Kwon do earning my black belt from Song Yi Academy.  While training I learned more than just self-defense I learned about tradition, honor, integrity, loyalty, self-discipline, and servant-hood.  I took what I learned and moved up the ranks earning my fourth dan in Tae Kwon Do. I then was blessed with an opportunity to teach as Head Instructor out of a community center through a Parks and Recreation program until the Lord made a way for me to sub lease a building of my own.   Tiger Tae Kwon Do-MMA Acadmy is located in the City of South Gate.   We are currently staffed with three Instructors, 4 Assistant Instructors, one Administrative Assistant and an Office Manager.  I believe the Lord has entrusted me with this academy and those He has placed in my life to make a difference in the lives of those we teach and the community we serve. Most importantly I believe that God has blessed us with this platform of teaching so that He will be glorified in and through us.  I share all that I have shared with you to share this, my journey in life has been filled with ups and downs, heartbreaks, disappointments, bad decisions, sadness, and loss. But I have also experienced miracles in my life; I have felt loved, grace and forgiveness by God through His son Jesus Christ. All that I am and all that I want to do is for the glory of God, my life was empty and dead with out the love of God and I am now looking forward to the things God is going to do with me and the academy, the best is yet to come!  

I leave you with this, my accomplishments in life are not measured by my title, rank, or position as Head Instructor. My greatest victory and purpose in this life and the life to come is in my faith in Jesus Christ. The Lord has given me hope, purpose and a meaningful life. My desire is to share with my students, parents and with you what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for me and you, "VICTORY" over death an enemy we will all have to encounter one day.


My prayer for you is that you will one day come to know and trust in Jesus Christ as I have. When you do, you will have the ultimate VICTORY and you will discover the following, Jesus Christ has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with religion, but has everything to do with a relationship a personal relationship with God on a daily basis!

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                "God robbed Himself in flesh and walked among us." Philippians 2: 6-8. 
He paid the price for all of our sins. None of us can EARN our salvation, for He freely gives it to all who ask. Entrance into heaven (life in God's presence after death) has been paid for, once and for all. All you have to do is…….

 1. Believe He did this for you, (died for your sins in your place) and,

  2. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins and turn away
Confession and Repentance are prerequisites for approaching God). 
What is sin? Sin is missing the mark of perfection. Have you lived your life without lying (a white lie is a lie), stealing the value doesn’t matter (stealing is stealing) or coveting wanting something that does not belong to you. That’s only three of Ten of God’s commandments. If you admitted to any of the three I just mention what would you consider yourself to be, if you’re honest? Imperfect, right.

Click here and Read Romans 10: 8 – 11  

The word of God tells us in Romans 10 that the forgiveness of your sins is in your mouth, through confessing, asking God to forgive you and turning from your sin. He promises to forgive you of ALL YOUR SINS, and to come and live in your heart! If you ask Him.
How do you do this? 

 3. You do this by Faith 
      (through Jesus Christ, Gods' one and only begotten son John 3:16).

I don't know about you, but I am far from being perfect. I know that I will never meet the mark of perfection no matter how much good I try to do to out weigh my bad.  I am Thankful to know that God made a way through His son Jesus for me to know where I am going when I breath my last breath on this earth, and it is not because I am deserving but it is because of Gods' grace and love. It's not by what we can do but through what God has done, God sent His only begotten son Jesus to die on the cross as full and complete payment for your sins; yesterdays-todays and tomorrows. Won't you receive His grace today? If you made the decision right now to accept Jesus Christ into your heart by faith, share it with some one and seek a bible teaching church!     

"For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast. For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them." Ephesians 2:8-10


I encourage you to visit a bible teaching church in your area: 

- Calvary Chapel of Montebello, 913 S. Maple Ave, Montebello, CA.90640
   (323) 724-8464 or go to 107.9 FM Radio

- Calvary Chapel of Downey, 12808 Woodruff Ave Downey CA.90242

- Hope Christian Center, 10125 California Ave, South Gate, CA.90280
   (323) PRAY-4-ME

- Trinity Baptist Church, 8219 Florence Ave, Downey, CA. 90240
   (562) 927-1473

- Family Safe radio station 95.9 FM The Fish